Making the Switch

Chemicals are nearly impossible to avoid in today's world.

We find them everywhere: our environment, our food and water supplies, even our beauty and skincare products.

We all know that chemicals - even "chemical copies" of natural ingredients - can be harmful and harsh on our skin, and we try as much as possible to avoid exposure to things we know are dangerous to our health.

But have you considered what we absorb through our skin? Everything we put on our skin finds its way into our blood stream in some capacity; be it sunscreen, lotion, makeup or cleansers. Are you really comfortable with harmful ingredients like propylene glycol, silicones, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, formaldehyde, and a host of others entering your body? If not, let us introduce you to the benefits you'd experience by making the switch to products that are actually healthy for your SKin

As with any new skincare routine, you may experience a breakout or two. This "purge" process is completely normal, as it takes two to four weeks for your skin to adapt to a new routine. PLEASE NOTE: Natural does not mean allergen free, so if you experience a severe reaction or one that lasts longer than three or four weeks, discontinue use and see a physician.

At Ma Cherie Amour, only truly natural ingredients are used. Our formulations are comprised of essential oils, plant extracts, floral distillations and other ingredients actually found in nature, not created in a lab. We don't use unnecessary fillers. Our ingredients have bio-healthy qualities and are responsibly sourced - good for your skin and good for our environment.

All products are tested by the owner personally (never on animals), and our small batch artisanal processes ensure you always receive a fresh product. Our products work with your skin, not against it. And they work even better over time for a long term, lasting effect.

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