About Us

I began creating beauty products as a teenager... a lip gloss here, a nail tint there ... much like many hobbyists. As my education and experience expanded in the beauty industry, I encountered several people who wanted the same thing I did - a simple, effective product and a label that is easy to understand. So, after a lot of research (and a bunch of trial and error) l launched Ma Cherie Amour.


My natural skin care company is an intimate experience - my customers can reach out to me as a triend and ask about my ingredients. Being an artisanal operation, oroducts are made in small batches to ensure the quality and freshness of each product. As the face of my business, I don't just sell handmade products... I'm more a mentor for healthier skin care!

From the Owner

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At Ma Cherie Amour, only truly natural ingredients are used. All formulas are comprised of essential oils, plant extracts, floral distillations and other ingredients actually found in nature, not created in a lab. No unnecessary fillers are used and all ingredients have bio-healthy qualities.

There is no animal testing - in fact, all products are tested by me personally, and I use these same products everyday.

Thanks so much for choosing Ma Cherie Amour for more healthy and beautiful skin!

I can't wait to experience your journey with you!

~Cherie Webb, Owner